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Do you want something new in your life – something to change but you are dreading how uncomfortable it’s going to be?

Here’s a thought – stop associating the feeling of discomfort with the change itself. It might seem that doing something new can be pretty uncomfortable but wait a minute. Where is that discomfort really coming from?

It’s not really the change that is uncomfortable – it’s what we are thinking that creates the discomfort. And what are we thinking? Fearful thoughts! And what is the most fearful thought? What if the change puts me in a worse situation than I am in now!

Consider this example.

Suppose that you are in a job that you don’t like. When you think about changing jobs or maybe even starting a new business could those thoughts bring up a little fear? Sure, what if . . .

  • the new job has the same kinds of problems or even worse
  • no one hires you
  • you make less money
  • you start a new business and the business fails and you lose what little money you have, and you find yourself homeless and hungry, and you starve, and no one cares, and you die a lonely miserable death, and you don’t go to heaven (you go somewhere else), and when you get there even they reject you, and, and, and . . .

You get the picture – your very logical mind can come up with some pretty scary thoughts.

Here’s the key – you are much more than your logical mind but that logical mind sometimes doesn’t give credit to your CREATIVE NATURE. In other words, your logical mind sometimes doesn’t trust that you can and will get creative no matter what comes up. That part of your consciousness that created the idea of doing something new will also guide you in the process so that you don’t starve.

Dealing with fear of something new really has a lot to do with trust – trust that you are not at the mercy of events but rather that you will know what to do in the unfolding of change rather than in advance of it.

No need to be reckless or do something crazy – just start with small steps and allow yourself to naturally grow in that process. It’s your nature to do that.

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