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Engage in Your Dreams

What are the chances of me meeting Lesley in Charlotte, North Carolina? About zero except for . . . “blogging!”

Last week Lesley “liked” my blog so I obviously checked out her blog. Bingo – she epitomizes a key part of the “creative by nature” philosophy that lies at the heart of what I do with people I work with.

So – I wanted to let you know about her blog because it is truly inspiring. From 2,000 miles away (I’m in Denver, she’s in North Carolina) I get a strong feeling that she doesn’t just talk about her dreams – she lives them.

Bierstadt Mountain Summit
Colorado Rockies

You know, I think there are more people out there climbing their mountains than you might think (that’s me on top of one of my mountains, a Colorado 14‘r). I think we all know that the media often floods us with fearful stuff that can create a false impression of what’s going on out there.

Are you putting off climbing your mountains, whatever that might mean for you? You don’t have to go “extreme” as Leslie has done in order to create great experiences for yourself. I don’t encourage recklessness but a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h from your normal life can awaken your spirit.

Check her out – I think you will be as inspired as I am:

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