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Ted Case is the creator of 10,000 Year Thinking and the CEO and founder of Expanding Dynamics, a company teaching the first practical departure from how Western thinking is created, in over 2000 years. 10,000 Year Thinking is a comprehensive strategy founded in a fundamental shift in how individuals and groups naturally support their own growth and development beginning with how they create the thinking that is a pivotal part of that creative process.

As creator of 10,000 Year Thinking, Ted is a cutting edge expert on topics such as: creative development; how people learn; and the nature and process of thinking in personal and professional transformation. His unconventional model and strategy works at the core level from which individuals and groups approach and engage in everything they do, enhancing authenticity, harmony and achievement.

As an inspiring leader and in-demand speaker, trainer and coach, Ted has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals develop more effective and personally rewarding thinking and the life changing engagement that accompanies it.

Ted spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur in the food industry developing restaurants and a food manufacturing and distribution business before developing his current business. Meet Ted at

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