Tips and ideas for living an authentic life

Have you ever felt excited about a new idea and really wanted to engage in it only to hold back because you were afraid it would fail or you didn’t have the time? Or maybe you engaged a little but the project lost its energy and direction over time.

You might have seen me quote Einstein before and here he is again:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

That new idea of yours is the product of what I call your resonant energy and it is your sacred gift according to my understanding. Unfortunately, your rational mind (aka Organizing Mind) often tries to shift its role from servant (figuring out how to engage in those great ideas) to master (allowing fear to trim your big idea down to a small idea that fits into your comfort zone).

Here’s something I have noticed about human behavior when engaging in new and exciting ideas. Over time there is a tendency towards what could be called, the illusion of shrinking opportunity. That’s kind of what Einstein is referring to when that switch happens where the intuitive mind that comes up with the idea is crowded out by its frightened servant (your rational mind).

Here’s how to avoid that unhappy and limiting shift – FREQUENTLY return to that place of what resonates with you – meaning, take time to check in with your own awareness of whether your daily life and what you engage in feels right. This is not a logical exercise but an energetic one. You can look at it as checking in with your intuitive knowing – that gift that Einstein refers to.

A simple exercise is to first let go of whatever you are working on relative to your exciting idea whether that’s in the personal or professional area. Then take a blank piece of paper and write down five or six things that resonate with you in the area you are working on – that’s stuff that just feels right. What resonates with you is really all about who you are at that energetic authentic level.

Having reminded yourself of what feels right, you can return to your great idea guided by resonance rather than fear and limitation. Then ask your rational mind to figure out how to engage at that higher level rather than dumbing down the project.

It definitely takes courage to engage in life guided by your exciting ideas. The reason it takes courage is because you can’t know what the outcome will be when you engage in things from an energetic place rather than a logical place. Life becomes an adventure rather than an achievement.

As always there is no need to be reckless in doing this. Baby steps are no different than big steps as long as you are in that place of resonance. So, get out there and engage in what excites you and don’t allow your engagement to lose that ongoing energetic direction over time.  Don’t let your rational mind take over the role of boss from your intuitive mind.

I do this exercise at some point most every week and more frequently if I feel chaotic or confused. It’s kind of like rebooting my mind to insure that things are running the way I want them to rather than getting off track due to a glitch caused by my rational mind. It’s cool and it works really well in maintaining the resonant life I want.

Please post a comment and tell me what you think of my blog and feel free to ask any questions. I’ll be answering questions and reviewing comments personally.

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