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I feel: frustration, impatience, anger, confusion, depression, why me, hopeless, etc., etc.

Sorry, I was just having a moment there because something was standing between me and what I wanted to do and the something wouldn’t budge. Then I figured that since I am in the business of living an amazing life, I must have written something somewhere that could help me with this thing standing in my way. I found it – it’s in my book, Inspirational Gravity, Grounding the Life that Inspires You, and I thought I’d share it in case it might be useful to you someday.  Here’s the quote:

“For example, if you have an idea that really excites you and you aren’t moving into action, then you are in resistance. You have the idea that something stands between you and what you want and you are resisting the fact that it is there instead of doing something about it. To illustrate this concept metaphorically, picture a stream that is filled with rocks and boulders and so forth. The water moves with purpose toward a destination somewhere in the distance. Rocks and boulders block its way, but the water simply moves around, under, over, and sometimes through the various barriers. If the water went into resistance like humans do, it would stop its flow and refuse to move forward because of the rock that was in its way. Even though the water could move around it, it would stop and not only quit moving towards its destination, it would make a big deal about the rock being there in the first place.

“It isn’t what stands in your way and seems to resist you that keeps you from amazing experience. It is your resistance to what stands in your way. Working with resistance is being willing to move in those directions that are naturally inspiring to you without hesitating because of the various challenges, barriers, failures, and fears that you encounter along the way.

“If you were to put your hand in a stream, you would find the water flexible and giving. You would not, however, want to mistake the softness of the water for a lack of direction and commitment. The water is influenced by many things, including your hand, but it is ruled only by the pull of gravity.

“Suppose that you have an idea that inspires you and you feel resistance or fear about taking any action on the idea. Rather than trying to get rid of the feeling of resistance or fear, just allow those feelings and ask yourself how you can begin to let some kind of action occur anyway. That is the lesson of water. It stays in flow. The water does not change its mind about where it is going. Water is moved by energy (gravity) not logic (resistance to boulders). The water simply finds another path. The same is true for you when you are being authentically you. You might say that you are moved by inspirational gravity.

“Inspirational gravity is the constant pull of those things that energize or inspire you. Like a river, you are pulled by that unchanging energy and your goal is to allow those rocks and boulders that stand in your path to influence how you move forward but never to become the reason for your movement. Humans sometimes change their mind about where they are going because of what stands in their way. To do that is to live an inauthentic life that is no longer guided by the energetic essence of inspirational gravity. That loss of inspirational pull is also the beginning of the appearance of chaos. Often, a clash of things in the material world that are pulled by gravity gives the appearance of chaos. But that clash of the physical does not scatter that which pulls. In the same way, failure and loss might confuse the logical mind but they cannot confuse your inspirational core. That ongoing internal energetic will bring a return to external order over time if you let it no matter how chaotic things might appear in the moment.”

I hope that’s helpful – just re-reading it reminded me to quit talking to boulders and get back in flow.

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