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The heart and soul of the work I do and the foundation for the idea “Creative by Nature” is resonant energy. You know you are experiencing this amazing energy when something just feels right for you. Resonant energy is creative by its nature and being in that experience that just feels right, is being connected with your creative source – the source that brings inspiration into your work, personal adventures and relationships.

There are lots of ways to connect with your unique resonant energy, and I am excited to let you know that a new social app is in the works that will help you tap into that most human part of who you are.

10,000 YEAR Thinking®, which is my model for supporting your unique resonant energy, is moving into the mobile world and you will love how it is being used. A crowd-funding campaign is kicking off today for Spring Board, a social app that is rooted in the 10,000 YEAR Thinking® philosophy. Spring Board is a way to connect to close friends and family, and brainstorm and get inspired by things that resonate with you. Along the way you will get support and encouragement to make a habit of engaging your resonant energy, and as a natural result you will open up to the transformative adventures that you want!

Just go to: to get a feel for this amazing and personally transformative app. It can change your life!

By the way – if you’re in Denver, come to the Spring Board Fundraising Party. And if you do, make sure to say “Hi” to me! It’s happening this weekend:

  • Time: 7:00 pm, Saturday, March 23
  • Place: Renegade Brewing Company, 925 W 9th Ave., Denver, Colorado 80204

Please note that Spring Board is not owned or operated by me (Ted Case) or Expanding Dynamics (my company). It is actually my daughter and son in law’s project and as you can imagine, I am very excited about it and I fully support them and wish them all the best!

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