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Someone was recounting an old episode of Star Trek to me the other day where a son sacrificed his life so that his father might live. It was an interesting story of sacrifice, however, my mind kept wandering in another direction. How do we depict these supposed civilizations who have advanced far beyond where we are and can the answer inform in some way how we envision our own advanced business or career work?

While I realize that shows like Star Trek are created for entertainment value, I still wonder whether we don’t in many ways believe their basic premise. That premise is usually that conflict and war are as much a part of the experience of an advanced life form (and advanced business) as they are for us today. Or to put it a little differently, are advanced weapons systems a key requisite for advanced life forms and maybe even the gauge of how advanced a life form is? Is power and control the measure of advancement?

My gut response is that the implication of the word advanced relative to civilizations has to do with creativity and the discovery of new experiences (transformation) rather than the power and control to hold on to something. You might consider how quickly Apple moved from the brink of bankruptcy to the most successful company on the planet. They didn’t do it by power and control – they did it through creativity and discovery. One way to look at it is that they didn’t overpower someone else, they made others obsolete. But that might be misleading.

Consider what Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It could be said that Apple made others obsolete so should you or I set that as our goal rather than fighting them directly in order to win?

Buckminster’s quote suggests much more than just an idea of how to win. In fact, I think the most revealing part of the quote is part of the first sentence where he says, you never change things by fighting. Fighting is not designed to change something it is designed to keep something the same. Nature, in no way that I am aware of, intends to keep things the same.

I feel that creativity is the key attribute of an advanced civilization not because it makes others obsolete in some kind of market place but because it is our nature (note blog title: creative by nature).

The flow of creative consciousness is a natural process and I feel that advanced civilizations and businesses support and maximize that natural flow rather than fighting or attempting to control it. And they support that natural process not in order to win or gain something but simply because it is their nature.

I feel that’s what makes them advanced and that is how we can define an advanced business – one that supports the natural flow of creative consciousness – aka Nature.

Wherever they are out there, I don’t think that advanced life forms are fighting to hold on to or protect something. I think that they are creating and discovering things and the natural way of that process includes connecting and being relevant with other life forms rather than controlling or beating them.

If advanced life forms are aware of us, I doubt whether they would consider us ready for any direct contact. I say that not because they would think of us in the same way we think of an earthworm. Rather, I say that because they would consider our level of fear so pervasive that we would not be safe to be around – kind of like a wounded animal in the wild, they might observe us but also keep their distance.

Our fear of losing something and our obsessive perceived need to regain what we think we have lost can’t be fixed by gaining or holding on to something. Our sense of lack is an illusion which is fixed by seeing through that illusion not by becoming a slave to it – by awareness not achievement.

My vision of the advanced version of my business is a creative and discovery oriented adventure. While that can be a sometimes painful and challenging process, it doesn’t require that I gain any sort of control over anything and especially over the world where that experience is created.

I envision my business in its advanced form as a group and even universal project – guided by my best ideas, engaged in in a playful and often intense way and grounded in peacefulness rather than some obsessive need for what I think I lack. Sounds like fun so, before I move on to my next thing:

What do you think is the key attribute of an advanced life form?

Please leave your comment – it can open the door to relevance and connection and maybe in that sense the advancement of us.

Comments on: "Contact with Advanced Life Forms (are you out there?)" (2)

  1. Wow, fantastic post!! Especially this part — “they would consider our level of fear so pervasive that we would not be safe to be around – kind of like a wounded animal in the wild, they might observe us but also keep their distance.”

    That’s a very powerful concept, and makes me think about how pervasive and intense the energy of our collective fear (or collective creativity!) must be.

  2. Ted Case said:

    Thanks Abby – I kind of pictured our little planet sometimes limping along through space like that wounded animal and, like you suggested, sometimes sailing along with the energy of our amazing collective creativity. My hope is that we spend more time sailing along and less time limping along as we evolve.

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