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Because of the fixed or repetitive nature of everything online, there is the possibility of being moved but not of being touched. The only interaction you can have with a YouTube video or blog like this is to play or read it again. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful.

Here’s the difference between being moved and being touched according to James P. Carse in his book, Finite and Infinite Games:

The opposite of touching is moving. You move me by pressing me from without toward a place you have already foreseen and perhaps prepared. It is a staged action that succeeds only if in moving me you remain unmoved yourself. I can be moved to tears by skilled performances and heart-rending newspaper accounts, or moved to passion by political manifestos and narratives of heroic achievement – but in each case I am moved according to a formula or design to which the actor or agent is immune.  . . .

When I am touched, I am touched only as the person I am behind all the theatrical masks, but at the same time I am changed from within – and whoever touches me is touched as well. We do not touch by design. Indeed, all designs are shattered by touching.

Google searches or a great video game might move us, but by themselves they can not touch and, thereby, transform us.

One challenge in using the internet is that it lacks the essential touching that is at the heart of experience that transforms and fulfills us. Thus the internet can be a useful source of information or entertainment. However, to the extent that it becomes more time consuming and engaging, it at the same time plays less of a part in a person’s transformation and, therefore, becomes more of a kind of wasteland, distracting that person from the fresh and free experience that resonates and transforms them.

If after reading this blog, you don’t leave it and experience relationship with something that has its own vital life force, whether that’s another person or environment, then you might miss the blog’s potential usefulness as part of your larger and more fulfilling experience – the one that can transform and fulfill you. The internet has no vital life force and so can be informative but not transformative.

The truth is you won’t be touched as a result of reading this blog or any blog that I write. But you might be moved. I want to move you to engage in your adventure so that you are touched over and over again not by this blog but as the person you are behind all of the masks that you (and I) wear. You do that not by interacting with the internet but by interacting with something having its own life force that also can be touched. That would be other people and the living environment around you. Make your experience a shared discovery rather than the outcome of a script prepared by me or someone else.

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