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When do you declare something complete? And, having done so, what is your attitude about whatever it is you have declared complete? I think these questions might be useful to you during times of celebration.

I have the sense that the phase in our experience that we call the end of something or completion, is much like a fork in the road. So, as celebrations begin to mark the year drawing to a close, you might consider yourself at a fork in your road.

If you take one path, it’s like circling back and holding on to what is known. When you do that, completion can in some way, be sabotaged. Regardless of whether judged good or bad, it seems that in choosing the known path, not only is completion sabotaged but so also are transformation and personal renewal.

If you take the other path, the natural process of transformation is supported – not because of some judgment about the past, but through connection with present guidance to simply let go and be renewed.

Much as Robert Frost seems to imply in his poem, The Road Not Taken, allowance of completion and willingness to be guided on a new path, seems to also be the transformative choice.  As he says,

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Allowing something to be complete is very much about difference and even though you might say to yourself, I can always come back to this and make the other choice instead, experience suggests that you won’t. Again, as Frost says in his poem,

Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

As we begin celebrations of our holidays and approach the New Year, it seems worth spending a little reflection time being aware of what is naturally guiding you on a new path and so, at the same time, what is drawing to completion. It can also be worth reflecting on your attitude towards what you are declaring complete.

The word celebration originates from Latin meaning ‘honored.’ I have found that a key to completion is honoring what is ending. That includes those experiences that I didn’t particularly like. Anything less than honoring seems to have me circling back on that old worn path because of some judgment or perceived need for judgment that I am holding on to.

So, maybe take a little reflection time around completions for you. Honoring your experiences: good, bad and otherwise, can support a life of adventure and discovery. I want to support you in that journey and as I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have just launched a new website for that purpose. I call it my Adventurer’s Website and I invite you to visit it.

A key to completion and renewal is awareness of and responsiveness to what personally guides you. When you go to my new website, you will find some free training right on the Home Page designed to support you in connecting and staying connected with your personal guide or what I call your “North Star.”

Click on the link below now, and Discover your North Star.

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