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My 10,000 Year Thinking philosophy often appeals to people who are sometimes called “Creators.” Creators, by my definition, are people who thrive in fresh new experiences as a way of life.

They want to see new places, discover new cultures, – they are curious for new ways of thinking about everything and they want to learn something that they didn’t know before. They love to be surprised and touched by life and they don’t throw away any of their life experiences by judging them as “bad.” Difficult, challenging, painful at times? Sure. But, bad? Not really. They don’t see “problems” as getting in the way of life but rather as part of the creative process of their life.

Creators are typically entrepreneurial in their work whether they own their own business or work for someone else. They aren’t satisfied with relationships that don’t stimulate them and they typically seek out personal expansion physically, mentally and spirituality. Creators tend to have or be developing a firmly established Receiving Mind consciousness and they are guided by it. And, they don’t tend to be stuck for very long.

If you are still reading this, then there is a good chance that you are a “Creator” by my definition. So, as a Creator, what’s the number one thing you are trying to accomplish this year?

For those who know me and my philosophy, that question might seem a little out of place. It is definitely an achievement question and I talk about the Achievement model as being outdated. So, how is that question useful?

It’s useful if it has you engaging in one of your resonant intentions at the level of transformational opportunity. As a reminder, a transformational opportunity for 10,000 Year Thinkers is a goal that is intuitively set and is often neither too challenging nor too easy and it typically invites discovery.

So, what’s the number one goal that you are trying to accomplish this year – your transformational opportunity? Maybe a useful way to discover that goal is by asking the question – what do you intuitively feel is a surprising or unexpected goal for you?

It might feel like a paradox that choosing and engaging in that surprising or unexpected goal is way more important than actually achieving what you originally describe. Remember, the natural Organizing Mind process is focused on completion, not judging outcomes. That focus is what allows the unexpected transformation. So, here’s an exercise to help you narrow down your big opportunity.

Write down 10 surprising or unexpected goals for this year. Intuitively pick three and then reduce that to the one goal that just feels right. Having 10 to start with will help make your intuition more effective in arriving at the one that just feels right. Then – focus on completion and go for it – starting today.

Doing this exercise is you living a life that resonates with you!

PS. If the 10,000 Year Thinking philosophy is new for you, the language in this blog post may be somewhat unfamiliar. 10,000 Year Thinking is a way of thinking that connects you with Nature, humanity and your own creative energy. I like to call it, the next frontier of creative consciousness. Reading these blogs can help shift you out of the everyday language and thinking of our culture that tends to have you feeling disconnected. I have lots of resources available if you or your organization would like to learn this more connected way of thinking.

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