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Your Call to Adventure

Just a few things coming up that I want to mention relative to some new resources for answering your calls to adventure.

First, I am finishing up a valuable new addition to this blog website – it’s called the North Star Program and it is very simple and teaches you 10,000 Year Thinking® very quickly, very easily and for free. 10,000 Year Thinking is the underlying philosophy and model that I use in writing blogs and in the work that I do with all of my coaching and training of clients from multi-millionaires, to entrepreneurs, to everyday people who want their life to be much more than sacrifice and survival. I’ve spent much of my life developing it and it’s both practical and transformative.

I have found that this model is so useful to people that I work with, that I really want to make it available to everyone for free. If you like my blog then there is a good chance that you will like the simple philosophy and model that is the foundation for everything I say here. I want that model to be available and I’ll let you know right here when it is up and running and you can check it out.

Second, I will be presenting my next 10,000 Year Thinking, life directions seminar in Denver on September 21st and 22nd. This is a great training: very experiential with like-minded adventurers. In this seminar you will not be focusing on your problems, nor seeking solutions – analyzing what’s holding you back, nor thinking about what you don’t have.

You will be entirely focused on your calling in life – crossing that threshold and navigating the new frontier of your own creative consciousness and the experiences you know are out there for you.

This is a seminar you will want to attend if you are looking for inspired and authentic direction in every area of your life and want to engage in new and expansive ways. 10,000 YEAR Thinking is the cutting edge of new thinking and this seminar will have you discovering and engaging in the richest life possible for you.

In this seminar: no problems, no solutions – just your adventure and your willingness to engage. Many people who have attended this seminar have said that it has changed their life. Click on this linklink to Seminar Info to find out more about the seminar and hear first-hand what the experience was like for some of the participants.

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