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Do you feel that your life is on track – meaning you are engaged in meaningful activities in every area of your life? A simple question can help you determine whether you are. The question is: does your life resonate or just feel right to you.

Contrary to our cultural training, a great life isn’t one where you have everything you want and you are always the best at what you do (at least in my opinion and experience). A great life is a life filled with great experiences of all kinds – including both those you judge as successful and those you judge as disasters (I’ve had plenty of both). The core issue is not whether you win or lose but whether your life resonates with you – that’s an energetic, not a logical question. It has more to do with whether you are in the game you love to play than whether you win or lose.

I just moved from Denver back to the East Coast near Boston after 18 years in Denver. I grew up on the East Coast so it feels a little like coming home and the fact that my four daughters and grandkids are all here is the heart of the East Coast package for me. That brings me to completions.

I had an amazing experience in Denver with skiing in the Rockies, climbing a 14,000 foot mountain, hiking along the Front Range, camping at Grizzly Lake at 11,000 feet, seeing bears, mountain lions, elk – etc., etc. and all kinds of other experiences with fascinating people, business development, Colorado weather, concerts at Red Rocks amphitheater – you get the idea. I was there in the next town over when Columbine happened and when the Aurora theater shooting happened. There were great highs and some very sad lows. It was a great experience because it was a very human experience and being there resonated with me all the way to when I became aware that it no longer resonated. When what resonated shifted to the East Coast, I brought the Denver experience to completion. It was an energetic choice rather than a logical decision.

The Denver experience was very rich for me and I really didn’t have the big picture until I moved, i.e. completed the experience. I actually knew it was time to leave but the fact is, I didn’t really know what I was leaving until I left. Now I can see the whole thing in a different light and that new perspective on what the Denver experience was, is already giving me guidance as I move into this new chapter in my life.

Here’s something you can consider that can help you live a life that resonates or just feels right. Lots of completions will tend to free you to check your course and navigate for the life that feels right. It will give you new choices on what’s next and useful perspectives on what came before. And, the great thing about completions is that you can declare something complete anytime you intuitively feel it might be helpful. It could be for something big like moving from Denver to Boston or it could be something small. Here’s an example of something small.

Suppose that you are navigating a relationship or maybe your career. Simply declare the relationship or job complete. That doesn’t mean that you have to dump your partner or tell your boss that you are quitting. Simply, release yourself from the sense of commitment to it and then step back so you can see the whole experience from start to finish (at the time you declare it complete).

With that new perspective and clarity, you can then freely decide to recommit to the relationship or job or to make a change. And you can do it from a fresh perspective that will help you navigate and make course corrections to insure that your life is resonating with you and that you are in the game you want to play.

A life that doesn’t resonate isn’t much fun and lacks the quality of richness. Declaring things complete, stepping back to check for energetic resonance (aka – it just feels right) and starting over with a clean slate can be very empowering whether you are recommitting to an existing situation or shifting to a brand new one.

At any point in time, I want to be able to say, I have lived a life that truly resonates with me. I have found that completions are key to living that kind of life.

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  1. Kristin said:

    This is great, Ted, and very helpful to me. Thank you!

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