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You people are awesome

If you are reading this blog then there is a very good chance that you have something that I admire so much – it’s called COURAGE.

I just wanted to share a common experience that I have around that subject and suggest how I know how important courage is. I work with people who without exception are taking risks and are being challenged. Many are entrepreneurs but also, some are individuals focused on expansion in their relationships and/or personal development.

Over time these people engage in a project or initiative of some kind and when they have completed it whether scoring a big win, a little progress or something they didn’t want, I typically acknowledge the courage that was a significant part of the process. And here’s the big awareness that I get every time:

They respond in a way that tells me that I have acknowledged a deep truth for them.

So often we give feedback in the form of “good job” or “congratulations” or something similar. While most everyone appreciates those kinds of comments including me, they don’t seem to go quite as deep as a comment that recognizes the fear that typically accompanies stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into what I call the Discovery Zone – that place where we discover a new self through an often challenging transformative experience.

So I want to acknowledge your courage as expansive, open, creative people who face your own unique fears every time you venture into those places that resonate and challenge you. You are awesome.

P.S. The next time you are acknowledging someone else’s completion, you might let them know that you recognize the courage it took for them to go for it. Don’t be surprised if they somehow let you know that they are touched by your deeper awareness of their experience. It takes courage to be authentic and letting someone know you appreciate it can reinforce their commitment to it.

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