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I occasionally have an enlightened moment (thank goodness). I think I had one today as I was thinking about my business. I realized that there is a very thin line between creating my products and services to serve me and creating them to serve my customers.

Now, I teach this stuff to other people but that doesn’t mean that I always follow my own advice.

Anyway, I came to the realization this morning that I sometimes expect that because my products and services are so great and brilliant that their very existence will connect me with other people.

Egggggg – wrong! That’s me creating stuff in order to serve me, not you or anyone else. 

My enlightened moment was the awareness that the purpose of my products and services is not to connect me with other people. It is to connect other people with what they want, i.e. serve them. This issue comes up for me every now and then. I think it’s actually a result of an illusion about relationship that I created as a young kid.

When I am in that state of belief, I think that I am my ideas or products, so if someone doesn’t want my product or service, then I must not connect well with others and so need to get a better idea. I can have that belief even though I might have just had an amazing conversation and connection with someone.

Holy crap – I need to take my own training!

Anyway, my enlightened moment this morning reminded me that when I want connection in my life I can pick up the phone and call a friend. And when I am creating and selling products, I do my best work when I think about how well those products will connect my customers with what they want, rather than how brilliant I think my idea is.

Oh, how enlightenment can be a humbling experience

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  1. Kristi Case said:

    Love this one! So true for everyone!!!

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