Tips and ideas for living an authentic life

People sometimes say something like, “It’s a jungle out there” suggesting maybe that the world can feel threatening and unpredictable. I have found that just because I don’t always find the world to be a great big comfort zone doesn’t mean that I can’t find ways to connect with and even be transformed by what’s out there.

I like to think of my growth as something like continually learning how to become a great guide in the jungle.

Jungle guide - Nusza

The jungle is an amazing and magical place for me and personally, I don’t want to turn all of those animals into my pets. Nor do I want to turn the jungle environment into my personal farm by controlling it so I can turn a profit. Among other things, doing that cuts me off from the creative energy that transforms my experience and makes it so fresh and fulfilling.

I think it is a jungle out there and that includes my neighbors and the folks in town and those around the world and all of the environment that goes with it. I really enjoy other people near and far including visiting other cultures and experiencing their unique creative energy and I have no desire whatsoever to control it or them. And, I also love experiencing my own unique energy and allowing that energy to integrate and become relevant in the world. My intention is to guide myself in that way and become a master at it.

When I connect with that jungle out there, life is like a safari – when I’ve tried to control it, I’ve simply created an adversarial relationship with Mother Nature – not a very useful idea.

So, I go for life mastery, instead of trying to get control over my life or someone else’s. It’s been a much more fulfilling approach for me.

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