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I came upon a video this morning that demonstrated in a really powerful way, the key to changing your life experience – handling frustration when things aren’t what you want them to be, handling stress that can seem overwhelming or handling the feeling of lack that leaves you trying to figure out what your potential is or even if you have any.

Is it going to take a lot of work to transform yourself – to create the great relationship, the fulfilling job, the amazing personal experiences you want? Don’t get distracted into thinking the challenge is the “work” that needs to be done. It isn’t!

The idea that personal or group transformation is a lot of hard work is bunk and misleading! The coaching I do is always about transformation and I am vigilant about listening for those misleading words, “hard work.”

Here’s why: the underlying issue that blocks transformation is always fear not effort. The challenge is around courage, not hard work.

Check out this video and ask yourself this question: did this man demonstrate the ability to force himself to work hard to achieve something? Or did he demonstrate a personal challenge and victory around fear using courage to keep the door open to transformative activities.

Don’t ever kid yourself – it’s always fear not work that stands between you and what you want. Check it out –

Fearless Video

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