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In my practice, I teach people that understanding the idea of fractals is a key to creating amazing experiences and an amazing life. So, what’s a fractal?

In the book,  Leadership and the New Science, Margaret Wheatley defines a fractal as follows:

“A fractal is a deeply patterned object, created through a simple organizing process: a non-linear equation is summed millions of times, and each time the solution is fed back into the process. No one individual solution is important, but when millions of these solutions are plotted, complex shapes emerge.”

Another definition is:

“A shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is a reduced-size copy of the whole.”

Notice the cauliflower images where although the whole vegetable seems to be a complex shape, the pattern is made up of countless repetitions of a simple foundation shape that is repeated at different scales.

Why is this important to creating the amazing experiences you want in your life?

There is an underlying energetic equation in everyone’s life called creative energy. That underlying energy is uniquely experienced by each person as resonant energy and you experience it as things that resonate with you or just feel right. As long as you stay connected and responsive to that unique energy within your experiences, you create the pattern of your life. That pattern unfolds over time and can not be seen or predicted in any one experience. As Wheatley says:

“This order is inherent to the system. It was always there, but not revealed until its chaotic movements were plotted in multiple dimensions over time.”

So my coaching in a nutshell is: allow yourself to be guided by what resonates with you and give yourself time to gain that wider perspective that is the amazing pattern of your life as the information gained in each experience is fed back into the process (your next experience).

When you resist your natural resonant energy, you disrupt the naturally unfolding pattern of your life and experience that disruption as frustration, boredom, desperation and even despondency. Your underlying energetic equation is your unique experiences which I have defined and call, the Natural Experiential Cycle.

The Natural Experiential Cycle is simply your unique experiences understood as the non-linear equation that occurs countless times (countless experiences) and where the information created in each experience is fed back into the process.

The simple message here is to understand your experiences as fractal creations guided by what resonates with you. Engage fully in your experiences over and over and don’t worry so much about the individual outcomes. The pattern of your amazing life will unfold and it will be uniquely yours.

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