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Have you ever felt hesitant or even terrified when starting something new like a new business or a new project of some kind? Well surprise, surprise – join the club.

I did a radio talk show interview the other day and was talking about some of the things people can do to move from where they are to where they want to be. The talk show host came back several times to various versions of the question, how can people handle their fear of failure when doing something new.

That question brings up a really important point about how we are educated. Much of what is taught in school has to do with learning specific existing systems. In other words, we are taught a system for math, a system for writing using good grammar, a system for government, geography, debate and so forth. What we aren’t taught is how systems are created. That omission has everything to do with why people don’t trust themselves and fear doing something new. Let me explain.

Trusting yourself doesn’t happen because you have learned how every system works and so you have the ability to answer any question that comes up. Trusting yourself isn’t about your abilities at all – it’s about your nature.

Check the title of this blog site and give it a little thought – you are CREATIVE BY NATURE.

What that means is that the creation of new systems is not something you have to learn how to do. It’s automatic and you naturally do it every single day whether you know it or not. So your job is to support that nature in the best way you can. Trusting yourself is really trusting that you will naturally know what to do as your new project unfolds rather than knowing in advance what all of those answers will be.

Yes, you are moving into the unknown but you have a secret weapon – your creative nature. Trust that nature to learn and create on the job rather than knowing in advance. That little secret is the key to every advancement in human history. The people who lead the way aren’t special because of what they know – they are special because of what they trust, i.e. their creative nature. You have the same nature that they do.

Creative by nature allows you to do things you haven’t done before and it is how systems are created. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have ups and downs, successes and failures, magical moments and frustrating moments – it just means that you will naturally create, modify, update, change, mold and develop whatever it is you will need as you go. The key is to engage in the best way you know how and TRUST that your nature will tell you what’s next after each success and after each failure.

That’s how systems are created and that’s how you will engage in your next project even though you will no doubt experience various levels of fear as you move into the unknown.

Learning how to trust yourself is learning that your instincts and intuition are worth trusting not because they will always create a great outcome but because the outcomes they create always come before the next step in your transformation. That transformation is the path of change that you want and it often calls for trusting yourself in the face of fear.

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Comments on: "Entrepreneurs and Fear: Learn How to Trust Yourself" (1)

  1. This is a great post — so helpful!! Trusting that you’ll know what to do when the time comes is so hard, yet, as you say, it really is one of the keys to transformation. It’s those critical moments that either leave you paralyzed or propel you forward. Thanks for the post!

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