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In my coaching practice I am frequently asked some form of, “how do I get the results I want?” Not getting results can really be frustrating and sometimes downright discouraging.

A key principle of 10,000 Year Thinking is that you are creative by nature – so results are a natural part of experience not the goal of it. What that means is that if you aren’t getting results, then you might be resisting that natural process. Good news – there is a quick fix and it isn’t to try harder.

Resistance usually comes from fear and fear is often fear of failure. Since failure is always some kind of judgment, it can be useful to remove judgment from your engagement especially in things where you aren’t getting the results you want.

A mind bogglingly simple and freeing way to do that is to go for completion rather than success in those areas where resistance is present. Going for completion takes judgment out of the equation and in doing so often removes the reason for your resistance, i.e. the fear.

Removing that resistance not only tends to increase engagement but allows your natural energy to bring the most creative and effective you forward – the one that gets the results you want.

So, how do you get results in your business or other life area? Stop trying to achieve some kind of success and instead just go for lots of completions. Don’t worry about how well you will do – just engage and let the results you want naturally unfold.

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