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The short answer is yes, you can compete in business – and the longer answer is yes, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Okay that might need some explanation and a few action steps you can take in your business or career to not necessarily compete but enjoy major thrills and success.

I was meeting with a client the other day and asked her what her dream was. This person is very accomplished in the music field. Her answer was, I want to play at Carnegie Hall in New York. She then asked how I thought she might approach that dream.

You could say that if she tried to get a spot on the season schedule at Carnegie Hall, she would be competing against the very best in the world. Hmmm. Can she compete at that level?

I don’t recommend it although not because I think she would fail. Here’s the thing – the thrills and success you want don’t come from beating someone else, i.e. competing to win. That’s the Achievement model and there can be some pretty stiff prices to pay for making competition your guiding philosophy. I’ll save that topic for another blog.

Here was my advice to her and see if you can apply the underlying philosophy here to how you approach doing what you love to do without competing.

I suggested she choose 10 top concert venues around the world. Here’s a list I put together from searching on Google : Carnegie Hall, New York; Slanecastle, Ireland; Modem, Berlin; RedRocks Ampitheatre, Colorado (yea), Festhalle, Frankfort; Vienna State Opera; Symphony Hall, Boston; Sydney Opera House, Australia, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles; and Royal Albert Hall, London.

Then I suggested she get a list of all the performers who had played at each of those over the last year – then call a bunch of them to find out how they got there.

A little tip here: someone once told me that they wanted some advice about becoming a great actor and so they cold called one of the top actors in the world to see if he would meet and share some tips. The guy said sure and they met. The person who told me this said he thanked the actor saying, you must have hundreds of people asking for your advice. The actor said, actually, no one had ever asked him before.

So it is with some very high performers in the world. Don’t be afraid to contact someone just because they seem to be a big deal. They are really just as human as you are and many are grateful for their success and are happy to share what they have learned with others on a similar path.

Here’s the underlying philosophy and two powerful steps you can take. Creating business leadership and originality isn’t about competition and winning. It’s about FULLY engaging in what resonates with you.

Here are two things you can do to engage FULLY.

Step #1:  First, fully means that you engage at the level you are intuitively drawn to. The level you are drawn to is often somewhat intimidating – that’s Nature working on your transformation. No challenge, not much growth. When my client said Carnegie Hall, she was speaking from that intuitive place. I suggested that she engage fully by simply putting herself in the environment with others at that level, NOT by competing with them. The advice she gets could be useful – the relationships she could create will be transformative.

Step #2: Second, fully means that you engage creatively. Since you are creative by nature, you don’t have to get creative, you simply allow creative. In the example of my client, my intention is to simply put her in the environment that she is drawn to by beginning relationships with people already there. The creativity for her development and transformation will be found there and she might even end up performing at Carnegie Hall.

So, no need to compete or beat someone else in order to enjoy your rich and transformative experience. Just engage fully by becoming involved at the level that you are intuitively drawn to and actively seek out all of the creative possibilities that are natural to that environment.

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