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Okay, July is almost over and you graduated a month or two ago (or maybe last year) and your job or lack thereof is or isn’t what you had in mind. Consider that if you’re frustrated it might be because you didn’t learn the big lesson that every school teaches if you know what to look for.

Here’s the big lesson – you are creative by nature – not as the result of learning how to do something. Sound familiar? Creative by Nature is the title of this blog site.

This is huge and can change your life BUT there’s a catch. The Achievement Model, which Western civilization and education is mostly based on, teaches you that you are creative by ability not by nature. That means that you go to school in order to gain the ability to do stuff that will result in a great career. Abilities always relate to a given system, not to you or your possibilities. Since no system is right for everyone, your abilities aren’t the key to an expansive career. You are the key because you are creative by nature, not by ability. Don’t get discouraged if things aren’t going how you want!

Let’s back up a little. The reason you went to school was to experience in a relatively short period of time a variety of different subject areas. In doing that you could then come to know what kinds of things resonated or felt “right” for you and then engage in those things.

What about the classes and courses and specific teaching? Teaching you how to do something always relates to an existing system and how to fit into that system – not how to creatively influence or create systems that are uniquely useful to you. If you don’t have a job or are unhappy in your job, it could be that an existing system doesn’t work for you.

No problem, just engage in what resonates with you in a different way, i.e. create a new system. Don’t think that you need existing systems in order to engage in what interests you. If an existing system works for you, use it – if not create a new way to engage.

How does that apply to your expanding career?

First, great teachers (and great schools) don’t think that they have something (knowledge) that you need to gain in order to have a good life. Great teachers have a subject area that resonates with them and they want to engage in that subject area with others who are also interested in it. That’s why they become teachers of something – so they can engage in their area of interest with you.

That kind of relationship is, teacher as guide, student as explorer in various experiences. Your teachers didn’t really teach you anything. It was the experience that taught you and that’s what I mean by creative by nature.

A school and professors are most useful when they make you conscious of your own natural experience and the wisdom inherent in it. They do that by exposing you to lots of things and heightening your awareness of how your natural creativity works in each experience.

Here are three signs that your career is expanding (or not):

Sign #1: You are clear about what resonates with you at this time.

To help you gain that clarity, take a piece of paper and write down three general areas or environments that resonate with you. Example areas could be: researching old cultures or studying river environments or writing about travel. Notice that these are not specific goals but rather general areas that just feel right for someone rather than making logical sense. Write down three areas that resonate with you.

Sign #2: You feel the natural intention to engage in what resonates with you.

To help you express the feeling of a resonant intention, write a sentence like this one: I intend to engage in the area of [blank}. You fill in the blank with your choice. So it might read, “I intend to engage in the area of “studying river environments.” (in layman’s terms – I want to be involved in that!). Write that sentence down now.

Sign #3: You find yourself intuitively taking action guided by what resonates with you.

So, open up, allow creativity and out of the box ideas, and find out where and when you can begin to engage in that intention and do it! If you can’t find a ready system to do that or the ones you tried haven’t worked, then make one up. All the learning including the creation of useful systems will occur in the natural wisdom of the experience itself. So, find something to do right now and go for it.

In school you experienced a variety of things. Of those things, what resonated with you and how can you engage in that today if it still resonates? The answer to that question and the action you take is your expanding career. What are your 3 signs telling you about your career expansion?

Wake up grads – it’s your time!

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