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College grad – no jobs? Maybe it’s time to consider the alternative – create your own (job I mean)!

When I was just out of college I opened my first restaurant on Cape Cod. I had $2,500 and a little practice in the restaurant business and thought a young guy on the Cape with his own restaurant could be a fun thing. I was right!

I studied English in college which wasn’t the perfect background because I opened a Mexican restaurant – with a spanish speaking cook who spoke no English. The moral to this story is – get creative.

The challenge – a lot has to do with do with courage and there’s more. Here’s the key that I found after 25 years in that business. It can be done – you can do it – it’s probably not a straight and comfortable path – I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

A tip if you are thinking about your own leap – the reason you can be successful isn’t because you know how to do it. The fact is you probably don’t – I didn’t.

A really great teacher of mine once said, “you don’t have to know how to do something in order to do it.” That isn’t typically the Western world view – but it is mine, and if you check out some of the most fulfilled people around (some highly successful, some just plain happy), I think you’ll find they chose their direction and learned on the fly.

You don’t have to be reckless to take the first step and see what happens – think about it.

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  1. I’m glad you found this useful – best of luck!

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